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Mini Trainer with game

Mini Trainer with game

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Wallitzer Mini Trainer with game and rabbits

Our classic among the snacks, with a great acceptance even with the "difficult cases" among our four-legged friends.


Fresh game meat, rabbit meat meal Rabbit meat meal, fresh potatoes, fresh apples, fresh carrots, rice, chicory fibres, salmon oil, minerals

analytical components

crude protein


crude fiber


crude oils + fats


Raw ash


feeding recommendation

Please ensure that your animal has access to fresh water at all times.

Please consider that a not inconsiderable part of the moisture naturally contained in the raw materials used is dried out during production.

300 grams of Mini Trainer correspond to at least 800 grams of raw mass before processing, please take this into account when feeding. The daily ration of a reward item should certainly not be more than 10% of the daily feed ration, even if this amount is taken into account when calculating the total energy requirement

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