Barfit vital

Vitality into old age for your animal, that is our claim

In order to achieve this goal, all products that we sell are also manufactured or bottled in our plants in Brandenburg. This is the only way we can keep full control over the products we sell.

Just putting a nice label on a product that we haven't manufactured or tested ourselves, and that hasn't been produced under our own quality standards for manufacturing high-quality pet products, has never been our route to goal.

When selecting the raw materials we use, we value quality, as well as regionality and sustainability.

All of our products are subject to strict control management and are regularly tested in accredited laboratories.

Almost as important to us is the possibility that our packaging can be 100% recycled. However, we depend on your active help.

Dental Sticks

✅Support of daily dental care

✅Promotion of oral hygiene in a natural way

✅Supply of important minerals and trace elements

✅Easy to use with chewing sticks

✅ Strengthening of the teeth through regular use

✅High quality, natural ingredients

✅Delicious taste experience for the dog

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