Without artificial aroma substances
Natural ingredients
Made in Germany

Best raw materials for your animal

We aim to ensure that your dog receives a species-appropriate diet. The BARF nutrition concept with the idea of ​​practicing a diet based on our dog's ancestors inspired us to make a variant of this concept easily accessible for every dog ​​owner.

Crunchy protein snacks made from valuable oilseeds and insect sources

Discover our innovative Crunchy Protein Snacks, which provide high-quality protein from oilseed and insect sources. These special delicacies not only offer taste, but also support daily oral hygiene

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Barfit and Wallitzer meat sausages

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Barfit vital

Complementary feed for dogs and cats

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At home in Brandenburg

Our barfit products are made in a small factory near Rheinsberg, on the edge of the Mecklenburg Lake District in Brandenburg. We deliberately choose the term "manufacturer" because although we also use modern machines to manufacture our products, we see ourselves primarily as a craft business and not as an industrial company.